10 Brilliant Ping Pong Graphic Designs

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Ping pong graphic designs are rare to see. With Uberpong, we have pioneered this space and tried to highlight the work of graphic designers from around the world. This has attracted the likes of Andreas Preis and Mike Serafin and more. Below, we show you examples of ping pong graphic designs that we think would look awesome on Uberpong paddles. What do you think?

geisha girl Japanese art ping pong
[image: Shohei Otomo]

Empire State Building ping pong art

table tennis infographic graphic design

yin yang ping pong art

table tennis artwork Mike Meyzan

[image: Mike Mezyan Table Tennis Artworks]

T-Rex blue ping pong art
Valentine's Day ping pong art

ping pong art Ben Lam

ping pong art Uberpong Ben Lam

ping pong graphic designs poster

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