10 Cool And Unusual Table Tennis Table Designs From Around The World

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Having featured a lot of cool, weird and wonderful ping pong tables on our Facebook page, we thought it would make a lot of sense to bring everything together in one place for your enjoyment. So here it is: 10 Cool and Unusual Table Tennis Table Designs From Around The World

1). Paul Smith – Conceptual dining/table tennis table (UK)

The Paul Smith ping pong table was designed by Hunn Wai and is a refurnished dining table. All of the materials were sourced from flea markets and the net is made from collapsable lace.
Paul Smith table tennis table

ping pong dining table lace

2). Gabriel Orozco – Ping Pond Table (Mexico)

Mexican designer Gabriel Orozco takes common objects and alters the viewers’ perception of them. His Ping Pond Table is the catalyst for spontaneity and unpredictability and allows the player to experiment with the table whilst missing the water hazard in the middle!

ping pond table Gabriel Orozcoping pong table paddles water

3). Laurent Perbos – Various conceptual tables (France)

Like Gabriel Orozco, French artist Perbos takes the normal and makes them, well, abnormal. We love the way he changes the perception of the game and takes it into new territory. Check out his half-pipe, cylindrical and ramp tables below.

Laurent Perbos ping pong tableLaurent Perbos circular ping pong tableLaurent Perbos table tennis table

4). Carlos No – Intifada Table (Portugal)

Portuguese artist Carlos No uses his art to channel his concern in relation to disrespect for Human Rights. The expression “intifada” means “resistance” or “uprising” and this table refers to the conflict in the Middle East.
ping pong table barbed wire brick wall

5). Axel Yberg – Pingtuated Equilibripong table (USA)

Akke Design have created a table tennis table that took 400 hours to build! Take away the net on this futuristic table and you can dine in style. The firm’s tagline is “Functional Art” and we can see why. Learn more about this table here.

Akke design ping pong table

6). 2012 London Olympics Table Tennis Table (UK)

Designed specifically for the London 2012 Games, the table incorporates the five Olympic rings beautifully positioned underneath the table.

2012 London Olympics table tennis table design

7). Lee Wen – Ping Pong Go-Round (Singapore)

Exhibited at the Singapore Art Museum, visitors were invited to indulge in a game of Ping Pong with a twist. As the museum’s website says, there is the “possibility of playing with as many players as possible, regardless of gender and age, Ping Pong Go-Round seeks to bring about alternative models for interaction and dialogue.”
round ping pong table design

8). Stiga “Waldner” Table Tennis Table (Sweden)

Tipped as the next generation ping pong table, Stiga’s “Waldner” is made with an advanced integrated computer system. Like an iPad, the table has a touch surface which responds to human touch and the ping-pong balls. The table is also equipped with Siri voice recognition that monitors the game.
Stiga Waldner table tennis table design

9). 11 Ravens – Martini Table Tennis Table Design (USA)

Custom-made table tennis tables don’t come much sexier than these. 11 Ravens have come up with a table that looks just like a martini glass from the side. Now, let’s see if they come up with a table full of actual martini with a glass surface on top!

martini table tennis table design

10). METRO Table (France)

Placed precariously atop an old entrance of a Metro station in Paris, France, this design perfectly illustrates another of Uberpong’s mantras: Play Ping Pong Anywhere!
subway ping pong table design

Let us know which one is your favorite table and why? Which tables would be in your dream ping pong venue?

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