10 Ping Pong World Records

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Ping pong world records – not the first thing that springs to mind you might be thinking. When you are a world record holder, it means that you are the first (possibly only) or best person in the world at doing something, ever. This means that you need to be so great at some particular feat that no-one else can match you. This is true in every single case of world-record-holding…..except these. These people may indeed have the ability to call themselves world record holders, but we’re guessing they have to thank recordsetter.com and have lot of free time to make these unusual, but fascinating dreams a reality.

1. Longest Time Balancing A Ping Pong Ball on the end of a Handle (56.37 seconds)

handle balance ping pong record

2. Most Alternating Bounces of a Ping Pong Ball on Two Paddles in 30 Seconds (244 bounces)

two paddle ping pong record

3. Most Consecutive Ping Pong Ball Bounces on a Rubik’s Cube While Alternating Hands (110 bounces)

rubiks cube ping pong record

4. Most Consecutive Ping Pong Ball Bounces Using Acoustic Guitar As A Paddle Using One Hand (503 bounces)

acoustic guitar ping pong bounce record

5. Farthest Distance to Throw A Ping Pong Ball at an Inflatable Owl (15.41 feet)

inflatable owl throw ping pong record

6. Farthest Distance to Catapult A Ping Pong Ball With A Plastic Spoon and Hit A Stack of 10 Cups (14 feet)

ping pong catapult record

7. Most Consecutive Bounces Of A Ping Pong Ball Off A Nintendo DS Lite While Balancing On A Rola Bola (60 bounces)

Nintendo rola bola ping pong record

8. Most Consecutive Times To Catch A Table Tennis Ball In An Ice Cream Cone (11 catches)

ice cream catch ping pong record

9. Most Ping Pong Balls Held On the Body (96 balls)

10. Most Ping Pong Balls Fired Out of One’s Mouth in 30 Seconds (50 balls)

mouth shooting ping pong record

– Have you or anyone you know set a world record using ping pong balls or equipment? We need to hear about it! Please send articles/videos/photos to info(at)uberpong(dot)com.

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