10 Reasons You Should Start Playing Table Tennis

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This is a guest post by Matt Hetherington, a British table tennis professional based in New Zealand, blogger and ITTF certified coach:

Below are 10 incredibly convincing reasons why you should drop everything and start playing table tennis this instant. On a less intense note, it’s worth having a try and learning more about the game some time. Here’s why:

1. It’s the fastest racket sport in the world combining over 150 ball revolutions per second with split second reaction time.

ping pong paddle gun hole

2. It keeps you in great shape and is fantastic for working up a sweat and staying in good health. It’s a fun way to lose weight too. Just ask Arnie!

Arnold Schwarzenegger ping pong Bud Light

3. It needs more sex appeal. Yes that’s right, Soo Yeon Lee needs you to join her!

Soo Yeon Lee red leather ping pong balls

4. You can meet famous people like Susan Sarandon. Well actually, she met me (I joke!). It was a pleasure to meet her, she is a ping pong lover and an absolute star!

Susan Sarandon actress Matt Hetherington

5. You can get better than your friends who are your neighborhood garage champions and think the ping pong in Forrest Gump is real. It’s a great sport for a bit of trash talk and the only thing better than trash talk is being able to back it up!

Forrest Gump China Tom Hanks

6. You can get custom ping pong paddles with your face on them from Uberpong. How many other sports are cool like that? In fact you can get any design you want. Who doesn’t love personalized sports equipment?!

Custom ping pong paddles Uberpong

7. You can play it for your whole life and still hussle young people for cash. Below is Marty Reisman, the original “Ping Pong Hustler”.

Marty Reisman ping pong style

8. You can play it almost anywhere in the world which gives you an excuse to travel. Here are the Chinese National Team playing on the helipad at the Burj El Arab in Dubai.

Burj Al Arab Dubai helipad helicopter table tennis

9. You can become famous and get on TV showing off all your tricks. Ariel Hsing is featured here on the Ellen Show playing against Matthew Perry!

Ellen DeGeneres ping pong table

10. You can make friends for life and create memories that will last forever. Table tennis has also played major roles in international diplomacy, the historical Ping Pong Diplomacy brought the US and China closer together in times of tension.

So if these 10 reasons to pick up a paddle and get out to a table aren’t good enough for you then you really aren’t living. Get out there and give table tennis a go, it’s taking the world by storm so get on board the train and join the fun!

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