10 Weird Places To Play Ping Pong

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Uberpong believes that table tennis doesn’t have to be about dimly lit recreational halls, red and black paddles and people who take things too seriously (see our launch party event “The Red & Black Rebellion” to see what we mean). We believe in the social side of ping pong and the idea of playing anywhere. We’ve compiled this list of 10 weird places to play ping pong.

Prison Pong

prison ping pong guard inmate

Cafe Pong

mini ping pong table cafe

Graffiti Pong

graffiti ping pong table skatepark

Subway Pong

10 Weird Places To Play Ping Pong

Airport Pong

Team GB mini pong pongimage: Andy Hopper

Dumpster/Skip Pong

skip dumpster ping pong tableWedding Pong

wedding bride groom ping pong

Street Pong

street ping pong steps poverty

Stone Pile Pong

stone piles ping pong table

Market Pong

Thailand street ping pong tableimage: Ashley Stokes

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