11 Halloween Graphics That Would Look Awesome On Uberpong Paddles

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Halloween is fast approaching so cue the imminent airing of classic and contemporary horror movies on TV and the themed costume parties at your local dive bar. Werewolves, witches, zombies, vampires and monsters escape from the vaults for a few days of unadulterated horror around October 31st and we love it! As we have our design community working on some cool new designs, we thought we would feature 11 graphic designs that we thought would look awesome on Uberpong ping pong paddles. If we’ve missed any, please submit on our Facebook page. Enjoy and try not to have any nightmares!!

Friday 13th/Jason Voorhees artwork by Michael Anderson

Jason Voorhees Friday 13th art

The Macabre Recital by Cody Simpson

skeleton skull leaves scary artwork


three sisters illustration art spooky

Halloween Simplistic Posters by Stella Caraman

Dracula vampire posters illustration graphics

Bloody Halloween by Miss Chat*Z

blood pumpkin knife witch vixen

Hollow Halloween by studiosap

Frankenstein graphic design illustration art

Halloween Illustrations by Diana Dementeva

Jack o'lantern pumpkin scary top hat

Halloween Witch by Didi Esmeralda

Sexy witch broomstick moon bats

Spooky Beings by Nicolas Castro

ghost haunted house illustration ghoul

Happy Halloween by Adina Neculae

haunted house moon bats illustration

Walking Dead: Zombie Uprising by Flick Picasso

skull impaled Walking Dead zombie

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