12 Person Ping Pong Table

MTTS 3 person ping pong table blue table net

Ok, you’ve heard about the four person ping pong table. You’ve seen the table that is shaped like Easter Island. But be honest. Did you ever, in even your wildest fantasies, ever think you would see a 12 person ping pong table?! In our world, finding this is comparable to landing on Mars. It is just THAT cool. Thanks to the Modular Tennis Table System (MTTS) designed by Guenter Ardnt, this table can be played on by 1 (“boooo”), 2 (“pretty standard”), 3 (“now it’s getting interesting”), all the way to 12 (“Oh my G–“[head explodes]) players!! This will no doubt be the centerpiece for our future Uberpong venue/ultimate game room.

MTTS 3 person ping pong table blue table net12 players ping pong circle class