12 Weird And Wonderful Ping Pong Videos

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Ping pong videos are hot at the moment. People are ponging it up in TV commercials, movies and at celebrity table tennis events. We bring you action from Denmark, Argentina, music videos, short films, an interview with Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter and some serious attitude from wrestler Lucha Lib (Nacho Libre didn’t see this guy coming)!

1). PingOut – Boulevard Cup 2013

2). Ping Pong In Argentina

3). Matt & Kim – “I Said”

4). Joshua Catalano – “Regenbogen”

5). PongQuest

6). Ping – A Tale Of Two Brothers

7). “Ping Pong” – Armin Van Buuren

8). First Ping Pong Lesson With Lucha Lib

ping pong videos luchador wrestler

9). Michelle Plays Ping Pong

10). Ping Pong Club Moscow – “Leica’s Serve Cup”

11). 73 Questions With Daniel Radcliffe

12). Dish Tennis

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