17 Cool Ping Pong Paddles For Christmas

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Whether you are looking for gift ideas for Christmas, Hanukkah or thinking of an early present for Chinese New Year, Uberpong designer ping pong paddles are perfect! We have gathered the best graphic designers, illustrators and artists from around the world to bring you something totally original. Here are 17 cool ping pong paddles that your friends, family and colleagues cannot do without:

‘Cyber Girl’ – buy here

custom personalized table tennis racquet

‘Safari’ – buy here
custom personalized ping pong paddles
‘Bird’ – buy here
black birds Viktor Hertz paddle‘Kawaii’ – buy here
Uberpong ping pong paddle design
‘Bear’ – buy here
Bear Uberpong designer ping pong paddle

‘Final Frontier’ – buy here
space planets ping pong design‘Chawlie’ – buy here
Chawlie designer ping pong paddle

‘Munki’ – buy here
Uberpong monkey table tennis paddle‘Mystery Man’ – buy here
Michael Jackson ping pong paddle

‘Hello Bright Eyes’ – buy here
Sophie Roach designer ping pong paddle‘Misty For Me’ – buy here
designer personalized table tennis bat‘Rainbow Headz’ – buy here
motorcycles designer ping pong paddle‘Flash’ – buy here

lightning bolt ping pong paddle‘Smoke’ – buy here
smoker black&white ping pong paddle‘Swirl’ – buy here
Uberpong designer ping pong paddle‘Uber’ – buy here
Uber green ping pong paddle‘Wiff Waff’ – buy here
Uberpong designer ping pong paddles

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