Quadrocopters Playing Ping Pong

Quadrocopter ping pong game

Uberpong recently received a Robo-Pong 2050 machine and we survived our first battle with it (see the video here). Well now, the robots seem to have gained the upper hand. Quadrocopters playing ping pong have been filmed in the ETH Flying Machine Arena Switzerland. The robots were caught performing a variety of juggling experiments. Before long, expect to…

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1000 Table Tennis Balls Launched Into Space

table tennis balls space project

Virgin Galactic’s space flights promise travelers an out of this world journey. But they have to pay the price (around $200,000). JP Aerospace, a volunteer-run space program, is on a mission to carry student projects to the edge of space for free. The only requirement: the project must fit inside a ping-pong ball capsule. JP Aerospace has launched…

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TrendHunter Features Uberpong

Trendhunter Uberpong artistic ping pong paddles

After the success of appearing on Springwise, we were astonished that TrendHunter also decided to add an article about us. Entitled Artistic Ping Pong Equipment, here is the full article: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/uberpong If you hit the heart icon and select the “Must See” option, it will keep us trending on the site!