Pongress: International Ping Pong Congress

Pongress logo ping pong congress

The second International Ping Pong Congress has just taken place at the Cumberland Arms in Newcastle. Ping pong players from around the world came together to celebrate ‘Pongress‘, a week-long event which brings together the world’s best players (or should that be beer drinkers!). Pongress runs until 3rd November. Here is some video footage from the event:

14 Cool Ping Pong GIFs

cats ping pong gif lol

I am a huge fan of GIFs and have always had an appreciation for these simplistic looped mini movies. If they are well executed the loop can be seamless creating a seemingly infinite repeated action. So in honor of this form of coolness, here are 14 cool ping pong GIFs that range from the sublime…

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Uberpong Caption Competition: Week 5 Winner

Will Ferrell ping pong player

Nicky Wilkinson wins our Will Ferrell inspired caption competition with this entry: “Pounce like a tigress!” Congratulations to Nicky and please check out www.facebook.com/uberpong for our next competition. All winners will be published on our blog and Facebook page. Think you’ve got a ping pong photo that we can use? Send it to dave@uberpong.com and…

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Table Tennis Trick Serves

PingSkills panda trick serves

PingSkills is an Australian site run by Jeff Plumb and Alois Rosario. Their videos focus on ways to improve your game but we especially like it when they go a little crazy. Here, with their panda mascot watching in awe, they try a few table tennis trick serves that will guarantee your opponent will be…

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How To Make A Ping Pong Topper Robot

ping pong topper pool table

There are a million ways you can change the game of ping pong. So why has it stayed the same for so long. Red and black paddles for every player in the world. Boring! Blue and green ping pong tables. Yawn… YouTube user LouTube222 has the right idea. His ping pong topper robot automatically slides open the ceiling…

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You Can’t Cheat An Honest Man: Ping Pong Scene

You Can't Cheat An Honest Man

You Can’t Cheat An Honest Man (1939) stars WC Fields. His performance in the ping pong scene is hilarious and has to rank up there as one of the greatest ping pong movie moments. – Have you seen any other scenes in movies involving ping pong? Please leave your links in the comments.  

Ping Pong Dance Invented By Ottawa University

ping pong breakdancing freestyle cool

Ping pong is really back. When you start seeing pop songs, designer toys and movies being made about this addictive sport, you know something special is happening. Now, we bring you the “Loose Collars” of the University of Ottawa performing what we can only dub “The Ping Pong Dance” which combines freestyle and breakdancing. Enjoy!