Caption Competition: Week 7 Winner

astronaut ping pong table space

This week, the Uberpong community raises their ping pong paddles in the air to salute Khaled Haggag as king of the caption! Khaled’s NASA inspired comment wins this week’s caption competition. Here’s his entry: Please check out for our next competition. All winners will be published on our blog and Facebook page. Think you’ve got…

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Gangnam Style Ping Pong

Gangnam Style Ping Pong funny

We’ve already seen “Gangnam Style” (a 2012 dance pop single written and performed by Korean pop singer PSY that went viral and inspired multiple copycat videos) loosely linked to ping pong. During an exhibition match at the Chancellor Cup in Manila, The Philippines, Adam Bobrow is playing Peter Francisco. Following an epic point and winning return, Bobrow decides…

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The Impossible Table Tennis Shot

diving impossible table tennis shot

We love videos of people doing the impossible whilst playing ping pong. Here’s a perfect example of a clip where Pierre Luc-Hinse dives and plays an almost horizontal shot onto his opponent’s side of the table. Watch the impossible table tennis shot below: via Table Tennis Daily

China Bans Ping Pong Balls

Chairman Mao ping pong paddle

China bans ping pong balls. It’s official! Chinese government officials have banned ping pong balls in one of the best examples of propaganda paranoia ever reported. As China’s once-a-decade leadership change approaches, the administration fears ping pong balls could be used to spread propaganda messages. Pigeons have also been banned. China’s President Hu Jintao is expected to…

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PaddleJam: Ping Pong Initiative That Supports Non Profits

PaddleJam website homepage logo paddle

PaddleJam is an annual initiative uniting celebrities, non-profits and cause-conscious brands to raise awareness for the crucial issues of multiple non-profits. Since their 2010 launch, stars from TV, film, sports and music have got together to compete in The Ultimate Slam PaddleJam – a ping pong doubles tournament. Celebrity participants have included the stars of Desperate Housewives, Big Bang…

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Caption Competition: Week 6 Winner

broken table tennis table lol

This week, the Uberpong community salute Joseph Johnson as king of the caption competition! Joseph’s design inspired comment wins the hearts of the ping pong playing world. Please check out for our next competition. All winners will be published on our blog and Facebook page. Think you’ve got a ping pong photo that we can use?…

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iStrike Shuttle Makes Beer Pong Epic


I came across the iStrike Shuttle recently whilst researching the world of ping pong related products. Hong Kong based company Dream Cheeky have created a gadget that syncs up with an iPhone app and allows you to fly it around the room before dropping a ping pong ball tucked in its undercarriage. Why, I hear…

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What Is Uberpong Style?


Whilst browsing twitter the other day, I came across this tweet from @chadsmith71 : “When my boss isn’t busy pimpin, he’s playin’ ping pong in our office“. The pimp (not an actual one I must add) in question is Christian Yungk. Was it a Halloween inspired decision? Does Christian just play with freedom and panache? It doesn’t matter….

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