Uberpong 2012 Review

Uberpong ping pong paddles mosaic

Welcome to the Uberpong 2012 Review. What a year! Uberpong started as an Origin of Cool project and moved from London, England to Austin, Texas in February. After doing lots of networking and getting connected to some truly exceptional entrepreneurs in March, April and May, we had a small team in place. Our teaser and…

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Monkey Plays Ping Pong

monkey playing ping pong dungarees

OK, so our list of animals playing ping pong now includes pigeons, a cat and a panda. Having spent some time in Japan in 2005, the TV shows were weird (in a good way!) to say the least. Having watched this video from a Japanese TV show, we can now add “monkey plays ping pong” to…

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Austin Chronicle Features Uberpong

Austin Chronicle Uberpong sports blog

Uberpong have been featured on the Austin Chronicle blog in an excellent write-up by Carly Yansak. The Austin Chronicle is an independent, locally owned and alternative news source that reflects the heart and soul of Austin, Texas. We were delighted to be featured and seen to be leading the growth of the ping pong scene in…

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Poly Pong: Four Way Table Tennis

Poly Pong ping pong table

Uberpong believes in innovative approaches to table tennis. The game needs a facelift and we respect companies that are trying to do this. Poly Pong splits the table into four and allows two to over twelve people to play at the same time. Rounded bumpers replace a traditional net giving an infinite variety of ball bounces when…

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Easter Island Shaped Ping Pong Table

Easter Island Table Tennis Table

An Easter Island shaped ping pong table simply has to get into our “10 cool and unusual table tennis tables from around the world” list! The table is a limited edition creation by Cyprien Chabert. Made from wood and steel, this is one of four tables signed by the French artist. It costs a rather staggering $14,800…

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