2000 Zero Gravity Ping Pong Balls

zero gravity ping pong balls

Two thousand zero gravity ping pong balls. Not something that you normally see. In 2010,Science Bob and 30 other teachers made this happen. It was part of Northrop Grumman Foundation’s Weightless Flights of Discovery program. Zero gravity ping pong has always been a dream of Uberpong and having seen this, we want to make this a reality! Weightless…

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How Are Table Tennis Balls Made?

table tennis balls manufacturing production

Ever asked yourself the question: how are table tennis balls made? Same here! The Uberpong brand focuses on the future of table tennis but if we see something that stands out in history, we like to feature it on the blog. And how do they get them to stick together to maintain a perfectly smooth spherical shape? Here’s…

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Bittereinder Release Kwaad Naas featuring Shane Durrant

BITTEREINDER Kwaad Naas feat. Shane Durrant

Bittereinder release Kwaad Naas featuring Shane Durrant from Desmond and The Tutus. Having seen ping pong inspired music videos by Orange Caramel and Operator Please, Bittereinder’s techno effort is certainly on a par. Appearing like a cross between Fedde Le Grand’s Put Your Hands Up For Detroit and Kevin Bacon’s Flashdance, the video subtly mocks the 80s headband adorning players who arguably…

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Ping Pong Pavilion Built From Construction Site Materials

Playful Ping Pong Pavilion architecture

Playful Ping Pong Pavilion is a joint project of architecture students at Montana State University and Oxford Brookes University. It was part of the London Festival of Architecture, designed and built by students of Christopher Livingston at MSU and Harriet Harriss, senior lecturer in architecture at Oxford Brookes University, The table is designed for people to play around…

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