The Best LEGO Ping Pong Photos

LEGO Stormtrooper ping pong Star Wars

LEGO is awesome and we illustrated that in our recent stop-motion video. There are no limits to what you can create and anyone from a 5-year old, a hipster or a little old granny can build something. So today we celebrate the marriage of LEGO and ping pong and hope that they live a long…

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12 Person Ping Pong Table

MTTS 3 person ping pong table blue table net

Ok, you’ve heard about the four person ping pong table. You’ve seen the table that is shaped like Easter Island. But be honest. Did you ever, in even your wildest fantasies, ever think you would see a 12 person ping pong table?! In our world, finding this is comparable to landing on Mars. It is…

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Ping Pong Guide To Berlin

Brandenburg Gate Berlin Germany historic

Traveling is a great way to meet new people, experience cultures and sample world famous cuisine. Ping pong is the same. If you go to Berlin in Germany, you will find over 700 ping pong tables scattered throughout the capital including the notorious Dr Pong. What the Germans have realized (and Uberpong is pushing for this…

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10 Weird Places To Play Ping Pong

prison ping pong guard inmate

Uberpong believes that table tennis doesn’t have to be about dimly lit recreational halls, red and black paddles and people who take things too seriously (see our launch party event “The Red & Black Rebellion” to see what we mean). We believe in the social side of ping pong and the idea of playing anywhere….

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Henge Outdoor Ping Pong Table

concrete outdoor ping pong table

A select few badass ping pong tables have been chosen to pass within the hallowed halls we call the Uberpong blog. Allow us to introduce you to the latest entry – the Henge outdoor ping pong table. What this installation may lack in eloquence, it makes up with raw modern power (AKA concrete). It It is…

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Puma Chalk Ping Pong Table

Puma chalk table tennis table

Previously on the Uberpong blog, we showed you the multi-purpose ping pong table from Huzi design for pre-schoolers. Well, we want to make sure everyone knows about this multi-purpose table for adults! Say hello to to the Puma Chalk ping pong table designed by aruliden . It is the perfect table for the after-hours athlete allowing for a real-time,…

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