Do The Ping Pong

man blonde wig ping pong

Uberpong loves music. We love it so much that for our upcoming launch party in March, we have hand-picked awesome DJs to spin tunes that will give you the best ping pong soundtrack imaginable. Duke Stogner sent us a music video – Do The Ping Pong – which is arguably one of the funniest ping pong videos…

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10 Ping Pong World Records

two paddle ping pong record

Ping pong world records – not the first thing that springs to mind you might be thinking. When you are a world record holder, it means that you are the first (possibly only) or best person in the world at doing something, ever. This means that you need to be so great at some particular feat…

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Knorr Quick: Ping Pong

Knorr Quick ping pong commercial

Here is an excellent Japanese commercial for Knorr Quick. What I love about this is the creativity in the ping pong match taking place. One player hits a return then does a 360 degree spin. He follows up with a behind the back shot and then for his next shot freezes like a statue whilst…

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Cesar Serna Wins Uberpong Paddle

Uberpong Bear paddle PongRock tournament

PongRock begins in Austin, Texas next week (full article to come on Monday) and Uberpong are going to be sponsoring the event (and playing in it!). The precursor to the season opener was a knockout tournament at Lavaca Street bar. Founder of Uberpong David Lowe used his trusty ‘Smoke’ paddle but got knocked out in…

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