Judah Friedlander Ping Pong Challenge

Judah Friedlander 30 Rock comedian

The Winter Comedy Arts Festival is taking place in downtown Traverse City this weekend. Stand-up comedian and star of NBC’s “30 Rock” Judah Friedlander will be there but we don’t really care about the stand-up…we care about the Judah Friedlander ping pong challenge! During an interview, Judah challenged everyone in Traverse City to a ping pong…

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Ping Pong Gun Destroys Five Soda Cans

Diet Coke cans ping pong ball gun

We’ve seen Purdue University’s supersonic ping pong ball gun before. Well here is some fresh footage of students and their de Laval Nozzle cannon. The ping pong gun destroys five soda cans and is making all of the table tennis professionals out there quiver in their boots! via CIO

Woman Spanks Son With Ping Pong Paddle

ping pong paddle spanking movie

Chaos in Oklahoma after a woman spanks son with ping pong paddle! Miranda Kyle Farley, a 27-year old woman from Sand Springs was charged on an allegation she abused her 7-year-old son with a ping pong paddle on Wednesday.  Farley was charged Tuesday in Tulsa County District Court for the Feb. 4 incident. According to Sand Springs Police…

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Mario Lopez Custom Ping Pong Paddle By Uberpong

Mario Lopez custom ping pong paddle

The Mario Lopez custom ping pong paddle was created for the host of EXTRA TV. Mario (AC Slater from Saved By The Bell) was spotted holding a custom Uberpong paddle shortly before a challenge against his co-host Maria Menounos. Check out the photo below of Mario alongside Adam Bobrow and Elmira Zainabudinova. photo: Adam Bobrow

Happy Valentine’s Day From Uberpong

Happy Valentine's Day Viktor Hertz

Having created our Red & Black Rebellion poster and ‘Bird’ Uberpong paddle design, the prolific iconographer/illustrator Viktor Hertz is back with two new designs for Valentine’s Day! – What do you think? – Do you have any ping pong inspired Valentine’s Day photos? If so, please email info(at)uberpong.com and we’ll publish them on our Facebook page.

Ping Pong Lamp By Martina Hrenko

ping pong ball lamp Martina Hrenko

We have already seen how ping pong balls can be used to cover the walls of an apartment and a ping pong lamp made from 315 balls. Martina Hrenko is from Belgrade, Serbia and according to her Behance profile is an interior and industrial designer. She has created the Let’s Play Ping Pong lamp which frankly had better illuminate…

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