Crazy Japanese Table Tennis Stunts

ping pong paddles holes weird

Uberpong loves the Japanese. And we especially love crazy Japanese table tennis stunts! They always seem to come up with something a little bit more insane than the next country. Having already witnessed a monkey playing ping pong and a kung fu ping pong show, watch this video and their high calibre trick shots.

Force Majeure Presents: Interview With Uberpong

David Lowe SXSW Uberpong interview

SXSW 2013 was an awesome experience and the Uberpong Crew got some excellent exposure. Here is an interview with Founder/CEO of Uberpong David Lowe and Business Development Manager Carl Roell. Thanks to Jesse Filmmaker from Force Majeure Presents for the interview and Marie Nunez for shooting this. Uberpong Interview [SXSW 2013]

MyEdu Crazy Ping Pong Tables

weird ping pong table shape

The people in Austin have a fever and for once the prescription isn’t more cowbell…it’s more ping pong! Every morning the folks over at the MyEdu office put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you. The only difference is that when they are done, they create crazy ping pong tables to satisfy…

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Pong Rock Finals Review


On Wednesday, Pong Rock finals took place in Austin. Uberpong founder David Lowe was in the mix alongside regulars John Lack, Khaled Haggag, Robin Murphy, Cory Smith and Johnny Gamez. DLO was the “sleeper” of the tournament by sneaking his way to the semi-finals only to lose to his Kryptonite Cory Smith. The eventual final was…

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Tennis And Tunes Showcase 2013 Review

Uberpong paddle lion graphic design

Uberpong were invited to host the ping pong at SXSW event “Tennis And Tunes Showcase” alongside The event which took place on Tuesday 12th March was held at the Dogwood bar and there must have been a few hundred people who attended. We joined other sponsors the Andy Roddick Foundation and Lucid Routes and rocked the joint with our cool…

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SXSW 2013 Review

panda hat Uberpong ping pong paddles

Uberpong are based in Austin, Texas – the self-proclaimed home of weird. Every March, SXSW attracts thousands of US and international attendees who flock to the Austin Convention Center and downtown Austin for three industry events: Music, Film and Tech. Uberpong started out the festival at the Tennis & Tunes Showcase alongside MyTennisLessons and Lucid Routes. We…

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Seth Godin Ping Pong Article

Seth Godin bald head profile

Seth Godin is a master marketeer and author of classic books like Purple Cow and Tribes. His blog (entitled simply “Seth’s blog”), gets more traffic in a day than most sites get in a year. Yesterday, Seth mentioned ping pong in one of his posts. Here it is in full: You’ve got ping, but they’ve got no pong “It’s…

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Ping Pong Tin Toy By Casa Ruim

Table tennis tin toy children

Uberpong are big fans of creativity and anything that changes the perception of table tennis. Casa Ruim in Torres Vedras, Portugal, have succeeded in doing this by creating a ping pong tin toy. Simply wind it up and watch the players playing an infinite game of ping pong. Well, until they need to be wound up…

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Timo Boll Headcam


Timo Boll is a German professional player. Here he is playing some ping pong whilst recording the whole thing on his well placed “Timo Boll headcam”! Who said professional table tennis players were boring?! via Timo Boll Facebook page