Ping Pong Volcano Explosion

ping pong explosion volcano blast

Quick – what’s a great way to simulate a volcanic eruption? Create a ping pong volcano of course! And that is exactly what University of Buffalo researchers have done. They started a very cool project to better understand volcanoes, and their key ingredient is – awesomely – ping pong balls! Go to 0:09 to see…

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World Hopes Week 2013

Werner Schlager table tennis professional

The World Hopes Week 2013 by the ITTF was a superb event, again hosted by the inaugural Werner Schlager Academy which is the pinnacle training center in Europe. With 60 kids participating from 30 different countries all aged 11 and 12 years old, this really is the start of a long road for some of the…

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Domo Genesis Release Table Tennis Song

Domo Genesis Table Tennis song

Dominique Marquis Cole AKA ‘Domo Genesis’, is an American rapper from LA who is a member of the alternative hip hop collective OFWGKTA. He has just released a song called Table Tennis which you can listen to below (the lyrics get a little spicy – the ‘Parental Advisory: Explicit Content’ warning is spot on!): [soundcloud url=”″…

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Politicians Play Ping Pong To Stay Healthy

California Jerry brown ping pong

Usually, when politicians of separate parties take office, they change the decor, staff, and overall look of their offices. According to a June 3rd article in the Sacramento Bee, the office of California Governor Jerry Brown decided to prove that politicians play ping pong to stay healthy. He got rid of the stogies and installed a…

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Dog Plays Ping Pong With Tail

dog plays ping pong tail

What is something undeniably ubiquitous about Austin? Imagine you’re hiking the greenbelt, taking a dip in Barton Springs, or going for a jog in Pease Park. You’re bound to run into at least one dog! With the influx of ping pong tables sprouting up in Austin parks, dogs would make perfect ping pong partners, whether as an opponent…

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Inclusion Fuses Ping Pong And Racquetball

Inclusion ping pong racquetball girl

The Inclusion is a Kickstarter project that combines ping pong and racquetball. Uberpong are huge proponents of people attempting to change the game and make it more accessible to a larger population. That is exactly what Marco Santini is doing with the Inclusion. He has designed side walls that strap onto the side of a…

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