3 Amazing Futuristic Ping Pong Tables

interactive ping pong table David Rinman Beat Match

Uberpong are advocates of design, creativity and technology being used to enhance the awesome game of ping pong. We continually have our fingers on the pulse of table tennis and every time we see something remarkable that aligns with our mission, we tell you about it. Having followed companies like The Macula who create interactive…

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Manga Ping Pong Comic Books By Taiyo Matsumoto

manga ping pong Taiyo Matsumoto

Manga ping pong comic books are book. Ken Park introduced us to the work of Taiyō Matsumoto – one of the greatest manga artists in Japan. He made his debut in 1986 in the anthology Afternoon, with the short story Straight. His surrealist designs may remind you of Hayao Miyazaki and his most celebrated anime movie, Spirited Away. Well…

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Category: Art

Project M48 Amazing Table Tennis Tables

ping pong table yellow metallic Project M48

Project M48 brings us a new take on the classic table tennis table. Czech designers Petr Mikošek and Štěpán Kuklík have created interactive installation art that changes the way we think. The Project M48 pieces incorporate classic abstract forms, car tires, glass cubes and inspiring structures inspired by Charles and Ray Eames. – What do you think of…

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Maori TV Features Uberpong

Adam Bobrow Uberpong designer ping pong paddles

The Auckland Open was last Saturday featuring gorgeous Kiwi table tennis player Sarah Her-Lee. The event also had MC and pro player Adam Bobrow entertaining the attendees. Adam had been kind enough to fly a couple of Uberpong designer ping pong paddles from Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand for the event. They were spot prizes for members of the…

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Pongplexed Ping Pong Circus Is In Town

ping pong table festival paddle

Pongplexed have created a range of tables that are bringing people together through the medium of table tennis. Based in Brighton, England the outfit comprises of a highly skilled team of artists, designers and ping pong lovers. With spray painted tables designed by Sinna One, Pongplexed are firmly in the Uberpong sphere – breaking the rules and…

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