Uberpong First Birthday Celebrations

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We kept this quiet but today the Uberpong first birthday celebrations are in full effect!! That’s right, after our Kickstarter success last year, we launched on November 26th 2012 and in a short time have already worked with Coca-Cola, Levi’s, Nike and MTV amongst many others. We wanted to thank our customers, clients, community members, team…

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22 Awesome Table Tennis Stamps

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Uberpong doesn’t just bring you the same old news that is rehashed by inferior sites. We spend time researching what you want to see (see our 16 Table Tennis Records, 14 Cool Ping Pong GIFs and 10 Cool And Unusual Ping Pong Table Designs From Around The World articles for proof of this!). On the back…

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Chevrolet Ping Pong Commercial

Chevrolet ping pong commercial mini table

The new Chevrolet ping pong commercial promotes the Chevrolet Captiva in Europe. The auto maker wanted to prove the car is “Ready For Everything”. In the video below, they build a mini ping pong table, jam it in the back of the car and drive around Europe looking for players! They invite people on the street…

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Scream If You Love Table Tennis!

Scream costume mask ping pong

Germany kicked off the Carnival season – the traditional festivity which runs from 11th November through to Ash Wednesday. People wear costumes and have parades in the streets. The German table tennis site MyTischtennis wanted to do something special to mark the occasion so asked a famous German player to play table tennis wearing a Scream costume….

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Best Ping Pong GIF Ever

Cats have a special place on the web and GIFs of them showing their true style are common. They dominate I Can Has Cheezburger’s site and have recently been trending on the ping pong table! Here is another example of cats colliding with the world of table tennis. Watch as this guy wins a point,…

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Most Insane Table Tennis Rally Ever

Thanks to Maria Warnes who has sent us this clip of arguably the most insane table tennis rally of all time. Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks has got nothing on these guys. There is a sneaking suspicion of CGI for one of the shots but either way, this is epic ping pong at its best.