21 Photos Of Famous People Playing Ping Pong

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Famous people playing ping pong is fast becoming the new trend. So why 21 photos of famous people playing ping pong? Simple. In ping pong, the first person to 21 is the winner! If you have liked the Uberpong Facebook page, you will notice that we occasionally feature a post entitled “Fantasy Uberpong”. We highlight famous players who play this incredibly addictive game and then ask the Uberpong community, “If you could play against anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?” We’ve already featured the likes of the Arctic Monkeys and Lady Antebellum and thought we had to compile of a few more for your pleasure.
Enjoy our collection of 21 photos below and let us know in the comments who you would want to play?

1 & 2 – Barack Obama and David Cameron

Barack Obama David Cameron ping pong

3 & 4 – Stanley Kubrick (film director) and James Mason (actor) 

Stanley Kubrick James Mason ping pong

5 – Audrey Hepburn (actress)

Audrey Hepburn actress ping pong

6 – Bob Marley (singer/songwriter)

Bob Marley reggae ping pong

7 – Elizabeth Taylor (actress)

Elizabeth Taylor actress ping pong

8 – David Bowie (singer/songwriter)

David Bowie singer ping pong

9 – Claudia Schiffer (supermodel)

Claudia Schiffer ping pong famous people

10 – Fidel Castro (political leader)

Fidel Castro Cuba ping pong

11 – The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton)

Kate Middleton princess ping pong

12 – James Dean (actor)

James Dean actor ping pong famous people playing ping pong

13 – Lady Gaga (singer)

Lady GaGa singer ping pong

14 & 15 – Robert Redford & Paul Newman (actors)/

Robert Redford Paul Newman ping pong

16 – Queen Elizabeth II of England

Queen Elizabeth Royal ping pong

17 – Dave Grohl (singer/drummer in The Foo Fighters)

Dave Grohl singer ping pong

18 – Kim Kardashian (model)

Kim Kardashian model ping pong

19 – RedFoo (singer in LMFAO)

LMFAO RedFoo singer ping pong

20 – Warren Buffett (investor)

Warren Buffett rich ping pong

21 – Yao Ming (ex-NBA star and Houston rockets player)

Yao Ming basketball ping pong

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