22 Awesome Table Tennis Stamps

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Uberpong doesn’t just bring you the same old news that is rehashed by inferior sites. We spend time researching what you want to see (see our 16 Table Tennis Records, 14 Cool Ping Pong GIFs and 10 Cool And Unusual Ping Pong Table Designs From Around The World articles for proof of this!). On the back of Jan-Ove Waldner’s momentous Chinese stamp (see below), we bring you “22 Awesome Table Tennis Stamps”. Enjoy and if we’ve missed any, please add links in the comments below this post.

SINGAPORE – Commemorative stamp for 2012 Olympics Games, London
Singapore stamp table tennis 2012 Olympics


UNITED KINGDOM – 2012 Paralympic Games, London
London 2012 Olympic table tennis stamp

[image: Stamp Community]


British stamp table tennis art


HUNGARY – 1982 European Table Tennis Championships

Hungary 1982 European Table Tennis Championships stamp
[photo: Stamp Community]


GERMANY – 1987 – DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik or “East Germany”)

German table tennis stamp 1987

[photo: Santa Banta]



Indonesia table tennis stamp 1962
[photo: Stamp Community]

SERBIA – 2007 European Table Tennis Championships, Belgrade

serbia stamp table tennis 2007

[photo: Posta]


LUXEMBOURG – Celebrating the FLTT (Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Tennis de Table)

Luxembourg table tennis stamp FLTT

[photo: WOPA Stamps]


INDIA – 1975 World Table Tennis Championships, Calcutta

India stamps table tennis 1975

[photo: eBay]


CHINA – Swede Jan-Ove Waldner becomes first foreigner to appear on a Chinese stamp

Jan-Ove Waldner stamp table tennis


CHINA – 1959 – 25th World Table Tennis Championships

chinese stamp table tennis collectible

[photo: Asia Obscura]


CHINA – 1965 World Table Tennis Championships

Chinese stamps 1965 table tennis world championship

[photo: Stamps Plus]


Chinese table tennis stamp art

[photo: Stamp Community]


SWEDEN – 1985
Sweden stamp table tennis collectibles
[photo: Stamp Community]


JAPAN – 1956
Japan stamp set table tennis
[photo: Stamp Community]



Japanese stamp table tennis art

[photo: Stamp Community]


BOSNIA (formerly Yugoslavia) – 1973 World Table Tennis Championships, Sarajevo

1973 World Table Tennis Championships Sarajevo stamp


LIECHTENSTEIN – 1999 – 8th Games of the Small European States
Liechtenstein stamp table tennis art

[photo: Stamp Community]

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