3 Amazing Futuristic Ping Pong Tables

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Uberpong are advocates of design, creativity and technology being used to enhance the awesome game of ping pong. We continually have our fingers on the pulse of table tennis and every time we see something remarkable that aligns with our mission, we tell you about it. Having followed companies like The Macula who create interactive visual projections that are mapped onto buildings and seen a lot of great visuals used by Adam Smith of Black Dog Films for The Chemical Brothers, we are very interested in exploring this space when it comes to ping pong. We have been impressed with three examples in particular and ask you to sit back, relax and check out these 3 futuristic ping pong tables:

1). First up is David Rinman‘s graduation project, Beat Match, that he created at the Forsbergs School of Design & Advertising in Stockholm. The ping pong table has an interactive surface that means that every time a ball is bounced, the visuals react like the EQ bar on a stereo. The tempo of the rally decides the tempo of the song playing. If the ball goes dead, the music stops!

interactive ping pong table David Rinman Beat Match

2). Pingtime combines interactive projections with video game style engagement. A team of Romanian artists have brought something that has only been a figment of peoples’ imaginations until now.

interactive ping pong table visual projections Pingtime

3). This 3 player ping pong table was created by YouTube user KTGOW. He built the table for his regional Burning Man burn. This shows a test of some of the LED lighting sequences available on the table. It’s controlled by a remote (that’s the clicking you hear in the video). The surface of the table works as a chalkboard. The LEDs are embedded in the surface, and they’re controlled by an Arduino Mega.

LED interactive ping pong table

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