8 Fashion Conscious Female Table Tennis Players

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We’ve featured some seriously hot female table tennis players recently on the Uberpong blog (check out Jenny Mellström and Sonja Obradovic). Now we bring you the most stylish. It has been a long time coming (just like red and black paddles finally making way for cooler custom ping pong paddles) but fashion is finally creeping into the world of table tennis in a similar manner that Andre Agassi brought crazy style into tennis. Here is Uberpong’s “8 Female Table Tennis Players With Great Taste In Fashion“:

1). New Zealand table tennis star, organizer of the Auckland Open and big Uberpong crush Sarah Her-Lee

Sarah Her Lee table tennis racket babe
[image: Sarah Her-Lee and Catherine Zhou]

2). Japanese female table tennis professional Naomi Yotsumoto designs her own outfits for matches. Total Uberpong Style!!

Naomi Yotsumoto table tennis fashion

[image: Kineda]

3). South Korean table tennis pro and model Soo Yeon Lee in her iconic Nowness photo/video shoot:

Soo Yeon Lee table tennis fashion
[image: Rewind Vintage]

4). Check out Romaninan professional players Elizabeta Samara and Daniela Dodean

Daniela Dodean Elizabeta Samara fashion

[image: Romanian Table Tennis Federation]

5). Table tennis beauty and member of the Romanian women’s team Bernadette Szocs:

Bernadette Szocs table tennis fashion sexy
[image: My Table Tennis]

6). Romanian pro player Iulia Necula combines style with elegance:

Iulia Necula table tennis professional
[image: Romstal]

7). Mie Skov is a professional table tennis player from Denmark and oozes a relaxed style in this shot:

Mie Skov table tennis fashion style
8). Biljana “Biba” Golić is a Serbian pro shown here looking red hot:

Biba Golic table tennis professional

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