8 Stylish Guys Playing Ping Pong

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Stylish guys playing ping pong ? You read it right! Having already covered the fairer sex in “8 Fashion Conscious Female Table Tennis Players”, Uberpong now dispels the notion that everyone who plays ping pong wears a white headband, sweatbands, a tight white shirt and shorts. We have our fingers on the ping pong pulse and are tightening our grip. A recent trend we have spotted is how ping pong is fusing with the fashion world. Tailored suits, boho-chic and hipster cool have jumped in the melting pot to give us some really interesting looks around the ping pong table. All of a sudden, it isn’t about the winning. No-one cares what rubber you use. One on one games are being replaced with Berlin Style. The style counsel are on red alert at ping pong social clubs so take note. Here are 8 stylish guys playing ping pong (if we missed any, please leave your links in the comments below this post).

ping pong cufflinks paddle blue jacket
Jonathan Adler apartment ping pong table
Wally Green yellow hair ping pong
[photo: Torontoist]

Andre Ethier custom ping pong paddle Uberpong
Marty Reisman pink shirt ping pong
stylish guys playing ping pong Asian
[photo: GQ]
Adam Bobrow gold jacket ping pong
[photo: Elite Daily]
gray suit tie ping pong ball
[photo: Yang Tan]

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