Adam Bobrow Trick Serve Against Timo Boll

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We’ve already seen Adam Bobrow’s brilliantly eccentric videos on the Uberpong blog. Well Adam visited Spin LA at the Standard the other night to match up against Timo Boll. Everyone there got to play a few points against the player who has been ranked number one in the world three times. The Adam Bobrow trick serve has now become a staple item at any ping pong night and here Adam uses one of his magic trick serves to force an error from Boll. In Adam’s words, “My kick serve got the edge of his paddle so I did a remix of a popular Zhang Jike moment. Touchdown celebrations, take that!” We love the moment where Adam ducks under the table, grabs a pair of scissors, cuts his shirt a little and then does a Superman style shirt rip! Check out the video below:

Adam Bobrow trick serve Timo Boll table tennis

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