Uberpong Go Round The World At American Tripps

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After the massive success of the annual KIPP Ping Pong Smackdown (which we directed), we soaked up a bit of the San Francisco culture by making our long awaited debut at American Tripps last Friday. DLO, PandaMan and PongMan played for a few very sweaty hours whilst some severely cool tunes were spun to keep us going. In case you are not familiar with American Tripps, it was inspired by Berlin-style ping pong (AKA “Round The World”), which is said to have originated at Dr. Pong in Germany. We met a kid who played with a hole in his paddle, saw a random guy parade a stash of weed that would have made Cheech & Chong blush and of course, had some Uberpong designer paddles on show! The event was at D-Structure which was exactly how we envisage an Uberpong HQ/venue to look. Check out the photos below:

David Lowe Uberpong ping pong

Uberpong designer paddle American Tripps

American Tripps Berlin Style ping-pong

ping pong table gallery art

American Tripps table tennis party

American Tripps San Francisco nightlife

American Tripps ping pong paddle

Berlin style ping pong party

hole ping pong paddle eye

American Tripps banner ping pong

ping pong table American Tripps

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