Arnie Ping Pong Super Bowl Commercial

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The new Arnie ping pong super bowl commercial will be aired during this year’s Super Bowl, look out for Mister Muscles hawking Bud Light. Arnie is the king of cheesy innuendos and classic action movies. When he started delivering throw away lines like “Consider that a divorce”, “He’s dead tired”, “I predict…a freeze” and the classic “I’ll be back”, he brought a new form of comedy to the screen. He is now about to bring it to NFL fans.

Bud Light have teamed up with the big Austrian for two pre-Superbowl ad teasers: Arnold Zipper and the Arnold Warmup. And what better thing to be highlighted during one of the biggest spectacles in world sport as ping pong. Arnie zips up, warms up and then gets ready for a table tennis termination! With the average cost of a 30 second advertisement during the Superbowl at $4 million, you have to assume Arnie’s getting a serious payout following his stint as “The Governator” in California.

Arnie Ping Pong Super Bowl Commercial Bud Light

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