Lil Jon Plays Table Tennis

celebrity bing orange white

We have an exclusive pic, straight from a secret tabloid source: Lil Jon playing ping pong at the Bing offices!  YEEEAAHHHH! Comment below with what type of custom ping pong paddle you’d like to see him use!

Ping Pong Volcano Explosion

ping pong explosion volcano blast

Quick – what’s a great way to simulate a volcanic eruption? Create a ping pong volcano of course! And that is exactly what University of Buffalo researchers have done. They started a very cool project to better understand volcanoes, and their key ingredient is – awesomely – ping pong balls! Go to 0:09 to see…

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Dog Plays Ping Pong With Tail

dog plays ping pong tail

What is something undeniably ubiquitous about Austin? Imagine you’re hiking the greenbelt, taking a dip in Barton Springs, or going for a jog in Pease Park. You’re bound to run into at least one dog! With the influx of ping pong tables sprouting up in Austin parks, dogs would make perfect ping pong partners, whether as an opponent…

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MyEdu Crazy Ping Pong Tables

weird ping pong table shape

The people in Austin have a fever and for once the prescription isn’t more cowbell…it’s more ping pong! Every morning the folks over at the MyEdu office put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you. The only difference is that when they are done, they create crazy ping pong tables to satisfy…

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Hunn Wai Ping Pong Dining Table

luxury ping pong table dining

The Hunn Wai ping pong dining table effortlessly fuses sport and food. The Thai designer has created a table so elegant, so dashing and decadent that we’re willing to bet Liberace would not only play ping pong on it, but he wouldn’t hesitate to perform his entire Liberace by Candlelight recording if we slapped some piano keys on the side. So at our next event,…

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James De Wulf Ping Pong Table

concrete ping pong dinner table teapot paddles

The James De Wulf ping pong table is a concrete designed masterpiece and is better looking than most dining room and ping pong tables combined. This is a bonafide dining room table that moonlights as a ping pong table. That’s all for now, we’ve got a tea and crumpets date with our new table!

12 Person Ping Pong Table

MTTS 3 person ping pong table blue table net

Ok, you’ve heard about the four person ping pong table. You’ve seen the table that is shaped like Easter Island. But be honest. Did you ever, in even your wildest fantasies, ever think you would see a 12 person ping pong table?! In our world, finding this is comparable to landing on Mars. It is…

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