Barry Hearn Gets In A Ping Pong Spin

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Barry Hearn, one of the most successful sports promoters in the world – credited with bringing snooker and darts out of relative obscurity and into sports bars everywhere – has decided to turn his promoting passion into developing a new rock ‘n’ roll take on ping pong.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find any photos of Hearn’s new take on the sport. We really wish we could though because it sounds awesome. Besides employing showgirls, mascots, even magicians to up his events’ OOMPH power, here’s a description of Hearn Ping Pong: “Contestants must use traditional, larger sandpaper hard bats that are assigned to them at the start of a match. The bats reduce speed and spin and increase rally length. The result is a slower game but with longer rallies and entertaining aerobatics.”

We can’t yet say if we think this will bring ping pong to the ‘big leagues’ as Hearn hopes, but it will certainly make each game quite a spectacle. Thanks to Stefan Creaser for sending us this article!

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