Ralliers Short Film About Ping Pong Scene In London


The Ralliers short film is directed by Livingstone Thomas – a table tennis coach, community sports volunteer and founder of the London Fields Table Tennis Association. He invites us to try the sport out and meet other ralliers, enjoy its inclusive nature and witness its increasing social role in the city’s public spaces. Outdoor table tennis is rapidly…

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Table Tennis Needs Youth Appeal


Table tennis needs youth appeal. The sport is hot right now in the US, England and Germany. Ping pong social clubs are popping up all over the place and the appetite for the game that was originally called wiff waff is gathering some serious momentum. But ask teenagers what they think of ping pong and you will hear…

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Google Hangout Virtual Ping Pong Tournament

Google+ Hangout virtual ping pong tournament

Google+ is still on its way up a very steep hill. With Facebook as the T-Rex dominating the social media ecosystem, the company usually associated with search is struggling. To build excitement for the platform, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners created a Google Hangout virtual ping pong tournament that has the best advertising agencies currently competing against…

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Ping Pong Stops Violence In London

male table tennis player photo

Ping pong stops violence, It’s official. I remember being in London during the 2011 riots and being genuinely concerned for my life. I had seen businesses trashed nearby and could see the smoke rising from Hackney from my living room window. The arrival of a ping pong table at a Tottenham youth club has prevented another…

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