LEGO Ping Pong Paddles And Table

Flappy Bird custom ping pong paddle

LEGO ping pong equipment has always been a dream for the Uberpong Crew. You may be familiar with Bwoywonder aka The Plastic Surgeon. He was the creator of the LEGO brick chains worn by Kanye West, Pharrell, Diddy, Cara Delevingne Will.I.Am. Bwoywonder has taken his creative prowess with the famous plastic bricks and exhibited his artistry in the fashion and…

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Smash Pong: Enticing Installation Ping Pong Game

ping pong table Julien Vallee Eve Duhamel

Julien Vallée & Eve Duhamel of Vallée Duhamel have created Smash Pong – a customized table tennis table that breaks all the rules of the game. And Uberpong salutes them! As part of an exhibition called “On! Handcrafted Digital Playground” at the Contemporary Art Center of Cincinnati, Smash Pong  is a game that requires players to try and hit wooden pieces of varying shapes and…

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Kickass Handcrafted Ping Pong Paddle


Paul Alexandrov (Zuhlon on Instagram) sent us this short article about his awesome handcrafted ping pong paddle handle on his table tennis blade. Enjoy! “I have long been looking for a tool that will help me become a ping pong athlete. I tried soak the rubber in milk or freezing to very low temperatures but it…

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Sundial Vinyl Ping Pong Toy


Sundial is a new limited edition vinyl figure with miniature ping pong paddle and ball. He is the leader of the Astros ping-pong team. This 7 inch ping pong toy was created by designer Camilo Bejarano and is 1 of only 500 that has been produced. For toy/collectible geeks, Camilo’s description takes it to the next level: Name: Sundial Age:…

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Project M48 Amazing Table Tennis Tables

ping pong table yellow metallic Project M48

Project M48 brings us a new take on the classic table tennis table. Czech designers Petr Mikošek and Štěpán Kuklík have created interactive installation art that changes the way we think. The Project M48 pieces incorporate classic abstract forms, car tires, glass cubes and inspiring structures inspired by Charles and Ray Eames. – What do you think of…

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Inclusion Fuses Ping Pong And Racquetball

Inclusion ping pong racquetball girl

The Inclusion is a Kickstarter project that combines ping pong and racquetball. Uberpong are huge proponents of people attempting to change the game and make it more accessible to a larger population. That is exactly what Marco Santini is doing with the Inclusion. He has designed side walls that strap onto the side of a…

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The Best LEGO Ping Pong Photos

LEGO Stormtrooper ping pong Star Wars

LEGO is awesome and we illustrated that in our recent stop-motion video. There are no limits to what you can create and anyone from a 5-year old, a hipster or a little old granny can build something. So today we celebrate the marriage of LEGO and ping pong and hope that they live a long…

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Ping Pong Bicycle

ping pong bicycle invention design

You can thank the gents on the other side of the pond for this gem. The ping pong bicycle (or the wiff waff cycle as our English friends are wanting to call it) is unfortunately unride-able, but it’s a unique set up for a ping pong (or gnip gnop for you Brits) match. The next step is…

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Multi Purpose Ping Pong Table For Kids

mini ping pong table China

This multi purpose ping pong table has been intelligently designed by Chinese company Huzi design. The company is targeting pre-school children with the product. With the tagline, “Play. Write. Draw. Share. Live”, you can play ping pong one minute and then draw on the chalkboard surface the next. This is actually a very Japanese style of design; creating a multi-purpose product…

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