Ping Pong Table Guide

ping pong ruler logo

The holidays are almost upon us, and those of you who are looking for a new table tennis table are eagerly awaiting the sweet discounts that soon follow. But even with the big discounts, tables can still be pretty expensive. Therefore, we’re going to show you the most important characteristics that you should focus on…

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Uberpong Launches Custom Ping Pong Tables

custom ping pong table Uberpong beast mode

Following the massive success of our custom ping pong paddles, we have now launched custom ping pong tables. Made of the same materials used in boat manufacturing, the fiberglass tables are great to use outdoors or in just about any environment. We think they have much more aesthetic appeal than concrete ping pong tables and are an…

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Bola Service Table By Antoni Palleja

Bola Service Table Antoni Pallejà

The Bola Service Table was designed by Antoni Pallejà – creative director of the furniture brand ABR and founder of design consultancy Aloymas. The sleek design of his table tennis table has a clever two-in-one design – the standard size ping pong table doubles as a large dining table and has a removable net. Bola Service…

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3 Amazing Futuristic Ping Pong Tables

interactive ping pong table David Rinman Beat Match

Uberpong are advocates of design, creativity and technology being used to enhance the awesome game of ping pong. We continually have our fingers on the pulse of table tennis and every time we see something remarkable that aligns with our mission, we tell you about it. Having followed companies like The Macula who create interactive…

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How Hardbat Table Tennis Has Improved Society In The Philippines

Liha hardbat style mother pearl handle

When Uberpong launched its Kickstarter campaign in 2012, I reached out to Peter Cua – the ITTF Liha (sandpaper/hardbat table tennis) racket ambassador and influential commentator on the Table Tennis Association of The Philippines website. One of Uberpong’s missions is to bring people together through ping pong (or table tennis). We feel that at the moment, the governing bodies are…

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MyEdu Crazy Ping Pong Tables

weird ping pong table shape

The people in Austin have a fever and for once the prescription isn’t more cowbell…it’s more ping pong! Every morning the folks over at the MyEdu office put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you. The only difference is that when they are done, they create crazy ping pong tables to satisfy…

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