Austin Phoenix Uberpong Cover

Austin Phoenix Uberpong cover issue

Austin startup magazine The Austin Phoenix has just featured Uberpong on the cover of the October issue. The issue release party was at Easy Tiger and saw Austin startups compete in a  doubles ping pong tournament. Unfortunately, the Uberpong Crew were knocked out in the first round and will be training harder for the next…

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Pongress 2013: International Ping Pong Congress

Pongress logo ping pong congress

Pongress 2013: The Third International Ping Pong Congress will take place in Bristol, UK from Friday 18th – Saturday 26th October. Pongress is the gathering of international ping pong party people. It brings together ping pong tribes from across the world to share their ideas, music and cultures. This year it features Future Pong tables, pong cycle…

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Uberpong Rocks KIPP Ping Pong Smackdown

KIPP Ping Pong Smackdown final

On Thursday 26th September, Uberpong directed the annual KIPP Ping Pong Smackdown at the new headquarters of Airbnb. And boy, did it rock! Adam Bobrow MC’ed in his distinctive outfit, female table tennis professional Kim Gilbert was partying with us and even MC Hammer put in a cameo appearance giving out the prizes! Ari Franklin ran…

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Noisy Table Tennis Competition In Brighton

Will Nash Mila Brazzi ping pong

Artists battled geeks in a noisy table tennis competition at the Brighton Digital Festival. Digital agency Clearleft hosted an interactive installation called Noisy Ping-Pong by digital artist Will Nash. The rather cool addition was that competitors were invited to bring their own sounds to upload onto the table during the tournament. The creator Will Nash said: “People can feel intimidated…

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Pongplexed Ping Pong Circus Is In Town

ping pong table festival paddle

Pongplexed have created a range of tables that are bringing people together through the medium of table tennis. Based in Brighton, England the outfit comprises of a highly skilled team of artists, designers and ping pong lovers. With spray painted tables designed by Sinna One, Pongplexed are firmly in the Uberpong sphere – breaking the rules and…

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