Ping Pong LEGO Video By Act

LEGO ping pong toy miniatures

LEGO is a phenomenal example of a toy brand that has stood the test of time and prevailed. If anything, the little plastic bricks are more popular in 2013 than ever before. When we spotted French band Act’s video for their song Ping Pong we thought we had to show you how cool their ping pong LEGO…

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Bittereinder Release Kwaad Naas featuring Shane Durrant

BITTEREINDER Kwaad Naas feat. Shane Durrant

Bittereinder release Kwaad Naas featuring Shane Durrant from Desmond and The Tutus. Having seen ping pong inspired music videos by Orange Caramel and Operator Please, Bittereinder’s techno effort is certainly on a par. Appearing like a cross between Fedde Le Grand’s Put Your Hands Up For Detroit and Kevin Bacon’s Flashdance, the video subtly mocks the 80s headband adorning players who arguably…

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Ping Pong Dance Invented By Ottawa University

ping pong breakdancing freestyle cool

Ping pong is really back. When you start seeing pop songs, designer toys and movies being made about this addictive sport, you know something special is happening. Now, we bring you the “Loose Collars” of the University of Ottawa performing what we can only dub “The Ping Pong Dance” which combines freestyle and breakdancing. Enjoy!

Operator Please: Just A Song About Ping Pong

Just A Song About Ping Pong video

Having seen Korean girl band Orange Caramel perform Lipstick on the Uberpong blog, we now introduce you to the audible delights of Operator Please and their catchy little song Just A Song About Ping Pong. The band are from Queensland, Australia and have released their second album, Gloves. – Heard any songs involving ping pong in…

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