Politicians Play Ping Pong To Stay Healthy

California Jerry brown ping pong

Usually, when politicians of separate parties take office, they change the decor, staff, and overall look of their offices. According to a June 3rd article in the Sacramento Bee, the office of California Governor Jerry Brown decided to prove that politicians play ping pong to stay healthy. He got rid of the stogies and installed a…

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The Rise In Ping Pong Popularity

Boris Johnson ping pong London mayor

Ping pong popularity is at an all time high and the sport is not just for nerds anymore. In an April article from the United Arab Emirates paper The National entitled “Anyone Can Join The Fun: How Table Tennis Conquered The World”, writer Ben East explains how the allure of ping pong has reached a new high, as…

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China Bans Ping Pong Balls

Chairman Mao ping pong paddle

China bans ping pong balls. It’s official! Chinese government officials have banned ping pong balls in one of the best examples of propaganda paranoia ever reported. As China’s once-a-decade leadership change approaches, the administration fears ping pong balls could be used to spread propaganda messages. Pigeons have also been banned. China’s President Hu Jintao is expected to…

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