POPP: Public Outdoor Ping Pong

POPP Public Outdoor Ping Pong Uberpong

POPP (Public Outdoor Ping Pong) is an initiative that has been launched in Australia. Three ping pong table designs have been produced and installed at over 170 diverse locations throughout the country. THE FLAGSHIP – First in, best dressed The Flagship table is a robust 700kg steel outdoor ping pong table. The beast is fully welded…

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GPS Ping Pong By WallyGPX

virtual geoglyph ping pong art

WallyGPX‘s tribute to table tennis was a one hour and forty-four minute cycling adventure through the streets of Baltimore. He achieved a maximum speed of 17.9mph, but as he often shares, most of the ride was pedaled at a pace which allowed him to focus on positioning and location over velocity. “GPS Ping Pong” was…

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Ping Pong Volcano Explosion

ping pong explosion volcano blast

Quick – what’s a great way to simulate a volcanic eruption? Create a ping pong volcano of course! And that is exactly what University of Buffalo researchers have done. They started a very cool project to better understand volcanoes, and their key ingredient is – awesomely – ping pong balls! Go to 0:09 to see…

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Supersonic Ping Pong Ball Gun

ping pong paddle hole experiment

Having already seen a terrifying ping pong gun, an elephant scaring weapon and a professor getting shot by a ping pong cannon, we now bring you the supersonic ping pong ball gun. Purdue University Professor Mark French has created a cannon that can accelerate a ping pong ball to 900 miles per hour, or just over Mach 1.2….

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Aerobic Table Tennis: Workout In Style

Aerobic Table Tennis Steve Rowe

Aerobic Table Tennis is a British company that wants clubs from all around the world to join in their mission to increase females playing the sport. Aerobic Table Tennis was launched two years ago when UK coach Steve Rowe conducted a survey throughout schools asking what type of physical activity girls would want to do. The results showed that…

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Ping Pong Pavilion Built From Construction Site Materials

Playful Ping Pong Pavilion architecture

Playful Ping Pong Pavilion is a joint project of architecture students at Montana State University and Oxford Brookes University. It was part of the London Festival of Architecture, designed and built by students of Christopher Livingston at MSU and Harriet Harriss, senior lecturer in architecture at Oxford Brookes University, The table is designed for people to play around…

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Topio Ping Pong Playing Robot

ping pong robot Topio Tosy toys

In our quest to bring you all the news about the future of table tennis, gadgets and technology, we came across this awesome product. Making it’s worldwide debut at the Tokyo Robot Exhibition 2007, the TOPIO ping pong playing robot (aka TOSY), is a humanoid robot capable of playing table tennis against a human opponent. 4 high…

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