Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

white pigeons playing ping pong

According to their website BF Skinner Foundation “advances a more humane world by replacing coercive techniques with positive procedures.” A classic example I found was this video of pigeons playing ping pong. Every time a pigeon wins a point, they are rewarded with food. – What do you think of this technique? Please leave your thoughts in the…

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Humanoid Robots Play Ping Pong

robots humanoids playing table tennis

Having already seen a couple of flying robots playing ping pong, Zhejiang University in China has created a humanoid robot system for table tennis playing. The system consists of two humanoid robots each weighing 55kg. The video below shows a rally between the two robots which last 176 strokes. Table tennis coaches beware. The robots are coming…

1000 Table Tennis Balls Launched Into Space

table tennis balls space project

Virgin Galactic’s space flights promise travelers an out of this world journey. But they have to pay the price (around $200,000). JP Aerospace, a volunteer-run space program, is on a mission to carry student projects to the edge of space for free. The only requirement: the project must fit inside a ping-pong ball capsule. JP Aerospace has launched…

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