5 Ping Pong Inspired Tattoos

ping pong photoraphy tattoos Uberpong

Uberpong recently collaborated with Kazakova Nastja on a photo shoot called “Play With Style”. The ping pong inspired tattoos were actually Photoshopped in and all of the models were based in Barcelona, Spain. We wanted to convey the idea that ping pong (and Uberpong!) is something that is a permanent attitude and not something that fades…

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Lil Jon Plays Table Tennis

celebrity bing orange white

We have an exclusive pic, straight from a secret tabloid source: Lil Jon playing ping pong at the Bing offices!  YEEEAAHHHH! Comment below with what type of custom ping pong paddle you’d like to see him use!

Joseph Johnson And The Mystery Man

white jeans ping pong paddle

You may remember Joseph Johnson’s classic behind the back serve that we featured on the Uberpong blog. Well the man with more style than The Most Interesting Man In The World, is back and taking Austin, Texas by storm. Here he is with Gordon Holden’s “Mystery Man” designer ping pong paddle wooing all in his…

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Adam Bobrow Brings Flare To Ping Pong

Adam Bobrow pink shirt table tennis

You might remember Adam Bobrow from a recent Uberpong post entitled “Gangnam Style Ping Pong“. Uberpong are huge fans of Adam as he embodies all that we look for in a ping pong star – great technique, style and flare. Well Bobrow’s back with another video this time highlighting his cavorting and ping pong playing…

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Gangnam Style Ping Pong

Gangnam Style Ping Pong funny

We’ve already seen “Gangnam Style” (a 2012 dance pop single written and performed by Korean pop singer PSY that went viral and inspired multiple copycat videos) loosely linked to ping pong. During an exhibition match at the Chancellor Cup in Manila, The Philippines, Adam Bobrow is playing Peter Francisco. Following an epic point and winning return, Bobrow decides…

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What Is Uberpong Style?


Whilst browsing twitter the other day, I came across this tweet from @chadsmith71 : “When my boss isn’t busy pimpin, he’s playin’ ping pong in our office“. The pimp (not an actual one I must add) in question is Christian Yungk. Was it a Halloween inspired decision? Does Christian just play with freedom and panache? It doesn’t matter….

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