Seth Godin Ping Pong Article

Seth Godin bald head profile

Seth Godin is a master marketeer and author of classic books like Purple Cow and Tribes. His blog (entitled simply “Seth’s blog”), gets more traffic in a day than most sites get in a year. Yesterday, Seth mentioned ping pong in one of his posts. Here it is in full: You’ve got ping, but they’ve got no pong “It’s…

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Conjunctured Austin Fuses Work With Pong

table tennis workplace Uberpong Killerspin

The latest company to see the benefit of combining work and play is Conjunctured Austin. Run by David Walker and Thomas Heatherly, the coworking community has just put a ping pong table in their space in East Austin. Uberpong has provided designer table tennis paddles and balls. Now when Conjunctured members need to stretch their legs, they can keep their…

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2000 Zero Gravity Ping Pong Balls

zero gravity ping pong balls

Two thousand zero gravity ping pong balls. Not something that you normally see. In 2010,Science Bob and 30 other teachers made this happen. It was part of Northrop Grumman Foundation’s Weightless Flights of Discovery program. Zero gravity ping pong has always been a dream of Uberpong and having seen this, we want to make this a reality! Weightless…

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