PONGTOPIA App Launch At Uberpong Vegas

Pongtopia (700x300)

The PONGTOPIA app launch will coincide with Uberpong Vegas 2015 (aka The World’s Biggest Ping Pong Pool Party). The app will be available on iPhone initially with plans to launch on Android by the end of 2015. PONGTOPIA will extend Ping Pong Map by Uberpong and build an entire mobile social network into it. Think Foursquare combined with Facebook,…

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Uberpong Launches First Android App

Uberpong custom ping pong paddle app Android

Uberpong recently launched its custom ping pong paddle editor app on the iPhone/iPad. Now it has launched an Android app on Google Play. The launch of the apps signals the brand’s first move into mobile. “Having seen the immediate success of the app on the iTunes App Store, we knew we had to be on Android” said…

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Uberpong Now Accepts Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a digital currency (or cryptocurrency) which the US Treasury has referred to as the world’s first decentralized virtual currency. “Miners” help to keep the network secure by approving transactions. The code is so complex that it is one of the most secure payment systems in history. The Uberpong team are huge fans of the idea…

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Uberpong Ping Pong Map

Uberpong ping pong table map

At Uberpong HQ, we don’t just create custom ping pong paddles. We have also been working hard to create a resource that benefits the local and global ping pong playing community. Our new ping pong map lets you find ping pong tables that are close to you and then share the location with your friends so…

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Custom Ping Pong Paddle Editor By Uberpong

Uberpong custom ping pong paddle editor

Uberpong have launched the world’s first two-sided custom ping pong paddle editor. The social ping pong brand allows you to upload your Instagram, Facebook and desktop photos and create your own custom paddles in just 30 seconds. Founder and CEO of Uberpong David Lowe added, “We responded to what our customers and clients were asking…

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Table Tennis Robot By Ulf Hoffmann

Table tennis robot Ulf Hoffmann

Industrial mechanic Ulf Hoffman has built an extraordinary table tennis robot. As an instant rival to the KUKA robot that Timo Boll played against, the engineer has created a garage bot that would give the Uberpong team a run for their money! His robot, the UHTTR-1, is remarkably dextrous and “due to the really good servo motors…

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