Highest Ping Pong Table In The World

Highest table tennis table

The highest ping pong table in the world has been spotted in Nepal. Uberponger Graham Lowe was trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp when he spotted the table in Lukla. Tenzing-Hillary Airport is the exact location of this ping pong discovery and is well known for being the world’s most dangerous airport. You can see…

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Uberpong European Tour 2014 Review

Uberpong European Tour 2014 review

The Uberpong European Tour 2014 was immensely successful. Uberpong Founder David Lowe spent nearly a month (from April to May) traveling to London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Malmo, Hamburg, Berlin and Paris. In London, he met with Ping! – the lottery funded initiative that has made ping pong more visible in the UK. They have installed over…

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Ping Pong Guide To Berlin

Brandenburg Gate Berlin Germany historic

Traveling is a great way to meet new people, experience cultures and sample world famous cuisine. Ping pong is the same. If you go to Berlin in Germany, you will find over 700 ping pong tables scattered throughout the capital including the notorious Dr Pong. What the Germans have realized (and Uberpong is pushing for this…

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