Ding Ning Amazing Table Tennis Shot

Ding Ning amazing ping pong shot

Having seen Pierre Luc-Hinse’s impossible table tennis shot, we switch to the women’s doubles final at the World Table Tennis Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands on May 15, 2011. In the match between Ding Ning / Guo Yan and Li Xiaoxia / Guo Yue, Ding Ning plays a brilliantly improvised shot after her opponent has wrong footed her…

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The Impossible Table Tennis Shot

diving impossible table tennis shot

We love videos of people doing the impossible whilst playing ping pong. Here’s a perfect example of a clip where Pierre Luc-Hinse dives and plays an almost horizontal shot onto his opponent’s side of the table. Watch the impossible table tennis shot below: via Table Tennis Daily

Table Tennis Trick Serves

PingSkills panda trick serves

PingSkills is an Australian site run by Jeff Plumb and Alois Rosario. Their videos focus on ways to improve your game but we especially like it when they go a little crazy. Here, with their panda mascot watching in awe, they try a few table tennis trick serves that will guarantee your opponent will be…

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Quadrocopters Playing Ping Pong

Quadrocopter ping pong game

Uberpong recently received a Robo-Pong 2050 machine and we survived our first battle with it (see the video here). Well now, the robots seem to have gained the upper hand. Quadrocopters playing ping pong have been filmed in the ETH Flying Machine Arena Switzerland. The robots were caught performing a variety of juggling experiments. Before long, expect to…

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