The Chia Co Australian Open Ping Pong Championships

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The Chia Co celebrated the Australian Open tennis championships with ping pong parties in Melbourne and New York. In NYC, they held their first Australian Open On Mulberry – a table tennis tournament where 16 influential fashion, food and digital brands competed for the championship. The Chia Co finished a respectable second place in a packed out championship final. Uberpong were invited to create custom ping pong paddles for the event. The goal has always been to remove the stigma attached to the players who turn up with their fancy red and black paddles and make everyone look bad when in fact it is their high grade rubber not their skill that is winning them the points. Uberpong wants to make the game of ping pong more social whilst giving brands a cool way to get their name out there in a fun and tasteful way. We love the way Chia embraced “Uberpong style” and think the photos below reflect this well:

packaging samples custom ping pong paddle

fake grass girls ping pong paddles

Chia Co Australian Open ping pong

Chia Co girls table tennis tournament

Chia Co custom ping pong paddle Uberpong

Chia Co merchandise paddles bag shirt

Australian Open crowd bleachers celebration

Chia Co swag shirt paddle style

Chia Co custom ping pong paddle balls

Chia Co ping pong table crowd

ping pong fashion style socks paddles

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