Circle Of Reason Get Their Pong On

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Circle of Reason are an Alt/Rock, prog band from the Southwest of England. Influenced by The Smashing Pumpkins, QOTSA, Deftones, Coheed and Cambria, the four piece have had success with their A Favour For A Stranger and These Hands And This Mind EPs.

Themes Amongst Thieves

Uberponger Timo Holtam sent us the video to their new single Themes Amongst Thieves which was filmed in Southampton. The 3:40 song was directed by Jake Hawkins and was filmed in a gym with table tennis tables. Clearly making fun of the traditional image of table tennis, Circle of Reason enter the gym and appear to offend a couple of old people and a guy in a wheelchair who are having a quiet game. Then at 1:19, it all changes. The elderly gentleman does a throat cut gesture with his ping pong paddle and it’s game on! The four band members take on the seemingly weaker trio but are put off by their mesmerizing moves. One of the band goes down and they take a time out in the locker room. After a dose of vitamin C (and a good Bruce Lee banana punching session!), the band come back out and destroy their enemies. The final shot is of them jumping for joy like a cheerleader team.

Circle of Reason Themes Amongst Thieves

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