Conjunctured Austin Fuses Work With Pong

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The latest company to see the benefit of combining work and play is Conjunctured Austin. Run by David Walker and Thomas Heatherly, the coworking community has just put a ping pong table in their space in East Austin. Uberpong has provided designer table tennis paddles and balls. Now when Conjunctured members need to stretch their legs, they can keep their brain sharp and bond with other members. When clients hire the space for events, there is a way for their guests to instantly connect.

Uberpong are huge proponents of not just changing the game of table tennis but also the perception of the workplace. Enviable Workplace featured Uberpong during our Kickstarter campaign and since then we have had lots of companies speak to us about how we can make their offices more funky.

– Do you want Uberpong to improve your office so your employees never experience a “case of the Mondays” again?
– Do you want branded table tennis equipment so your clients don’t forget you in a hurry?
– Do you have photos showing how you have incorporated ping pong into your workplace?
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