Custom Ping Pong Paddle Editor By Uberpong

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Uberpong have launched the world’s first two-sided custom ping pong paddle editor. The social ping pong brand allows you to upload your Instagram, Facebook and desktop photos and create your own custom paddles in just 30 seconds. Founder and CEO of Uberpong David Lowe added, “We responded to what our customers and clients were asking for – the ability to add their photos or logos on both sides of Uberpong paddles. Now you can get double the fun from Uberpong paddles! The editor will be in beta mode so we can respond quickly to ongoing requests from our users.”

Custom Ping Pong Paddle Editor Is World First

The new two-sided custom ping pong paddle editor has already been used by big brands and thousands of customers. Combinations have included people adding their happy face on one side and their sad face on the other, their pets, their family and their company logos. Here is how to create your own Uberpong paddle in 30 seconds:
1). Go to
2). Choose “Same design on both sides” or “different design on each side”.
3). Make sure your images are high resolution but no higher than 5MB.
4). Under “Upload Side A”, click where you want to upload your photos from.
5). Select your image (this will then appear on the paddle).
6). Click on the image on the paddle and move into your preferred position.
7). Click and drag the small squares on the dotted lines around the image to scale the image.
8). Once you are happy with Side A, repeat with Side B.
9). When you are happy with both sides, click “Approve Design”.
10). Click “Add To Cart”.
11). Use Uberpong’s custom editor to create as many paddles as you want. They make excellent gifts!
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