Uberpong Launches Custom Ping Pong Tables

custom ping pong table Uberpong beast mode

Following the massive success of our custom ping pong paddles, we have now launched custom ping pong tables. Made of the same materials used in boat manufacturing, the fiberglass tables are great to use outdoors or in just about any environment. We think they have much more aesthetic appeal than concrete ping pong tables and are an epic win for players looking for some style in their game. With the addition of our Ping Pong Map app on iPhone, we are hoping to spread our mission of bringing more color and cool into the table tennis world. We need you to help spread the word to bars, coffee shops and parks. If you know your town or city needs more ping pong, tell them about Uberpong and we’ll bring the game to you.

You can also use your Instagram, Facebook or any other photos/artwork to create your own masterpiece here: www.uberpong.com/custom-tables. These are some examples of tables we have created so far:

custom ping pong table Uberpong

personalized table tennis table Uberpong

university of oregon custom ping pong table Uberpong

oregon university custom ping pong table Uberpong

personalized ping pong table Uberpong

custom ping pong table orenco Uberpong