Dr Pong Berlin: Eccentric German Table Tennis Bar

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Dr Pong is a ping pong bar in East Berlin that caught my attention recently when I was learning about the massive ping pong scene in the German capital. Having discovered Ping Pong Country in Lille, my investigation led me to “Berlin style” ping pong (where people line up on both sides of a table, play a shot and then run round to the other side. When you miss a shot, you are out. The game continues until there are two players left, fighting it out to decide an eventual winner. When the winner is announced, you start again!

Oliver Miller is the founder of Dr Pong and has been running it since 2002. Oliver says, “I developed the conceptualization, programming and design for a recreation center. The title of that project was ‘Recreating Recreation.’ In it I sought to both contrast and hybridize free time activities, such as sport and partying, and to handle the conventions and dangers of recreational drug consumption in a similar manner as with the generation of endorphins through physical exertion.”

We like what we see with Dr Pong and are already planning a Berlin ping pong tour next year. Dr Pong is located at 21 Eberswalder St., Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Dr Pong Berlin table tennis bar

Image: galasarah.wordpress.com

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